6 Tips for Successfully Working from Anywhere


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This year the mobile workforce is predicted to grow to 1.2 billion people, reports VDC Research Group. And that makes sense – mobility in business is beneficial for both the employer and the employee. Everyone benefits from added flexibility; employers get more out of their employees whenever they need them, and employees enjoy tending to personal lives and work interchangeably.

In celebration of Telework Week, we’re sharing best practices, facts and success stories about mobile work. To kick us off, consider these tips about working from home, the road and elsewhere.

When working from home…

  • Create a workspace. Sitting down at the same place to get your work done at home cues your brain in the same way walking into an office does. In that place, you focus on work. Creating a quiet space with all the tools you need to get your job done will increase your productivity at home.
  • Get dressed. Not only does a morning routine help you wake up and prepare for your day, but taking the time to look presentable helps you mentally transition to professional you. And since more and more companies are adopting video conferencing for their online meetings, colleagues and customers will still see you even when you’re not in the office.

Working from the road…

  • Equip yourself. Chargers, ear buds and Wi-Fi hotspots are the road worker’s best friend. Never put your devices in checked luggage, and plan what work to get done when and where so that you’re always prepared.
  • Choose your spot wisely. If you’re going to be taking video conferences while traveling, a bustling coffee shop might not be the best place to work. Locate and set up in places that make sense for your workday. Your workplace may change depending on your to-do list.
  • Plan time to recharge. No one can do great work continuously without a break. Add the stress of traveling and navigating a new place to your plate, and your brain will want to tap out. So plan to enjoy a walk or dinner out without your email inbox as your companion.

When working from anywhere…

  • Communicate more frequently. No matter where you’re working from, when you’re working with people in different places, more communication is always better than less. This doesn’t mean you need to call or email your team constantly. Just be sure to update your team when project statuses change and milestones are met so everyone stays on the same page.

Where do you work? Got any tips on how to work successfully from outside the office? Send your tips to us on Twitter: @gotomeeting.

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