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14 Online Meeting Pet Peeves Told Through GIFs


After reading my coworker’s recent post about the online meeting vows, I was inspired. Why, you ask? Because we’ve all had an online meeting where someone accidentally interrupted or derailed everyone from the tasks at hand. But instead of calling someone out, we wanted you to laugh out loud at this little list of online meeting pet peeves that all of us encounter some time or another. 1. When you … Read more>

Webinar Best Practices from a GoToWebinar Customer


In recent years there has been a movement in businesses to reduce outdated systems and increase productivity by embracing automated paperless billing – and AvidExchange is realizing real success offering these solutions. One of the key components to their growth is their ability to foster targeted and meaningful relationships with clients and prospects using Citrix solutions. “In an effort to continuously find new ways to communicate our message to a … Read more>

The Art of Effective Follow-Up for Sales


By Tim Wackel A few months ago I decided it was time to move forward with a significant home improvement project. I began the process by calling several companies who had done similar work in the neighborhood. Every company was eager to send a representative who spent considerable time with me reviewing the project and gathering the information necessary to submit a proposal. All of the representatives I met with … Read more>

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with GoToWebinar


So you’ve moved your events online, and now you want to make them better: expand reach, improve participation and better your reputation. But where do you start? These five GoToWebinar tips are as good a place as any. 1.     Customize and separate your GoToWebinar panel. As the event organizer, you own the event, but did you know that you also own the layout of your GoToWebinar panel during your event? … Read more>